Brad Pitt Sexy Nude Photos

September 14th, 2010 by Brad

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For all you nasty Brad Pitt fanatics out there waiting for a look at Brad’s hot body and thick long cock.  The wait has ended and you finally get to see Brad Pitt’s nude photos!  Brad is currently the hottest guy in Hollywood at the moment, and in these photos he oozes with sex appeal.

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Get a load of that big swinging dick! That famous cock has fucked some of the hottest actresses on the planet, among them are Angelina Jolie, Juliette Lewis, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Anniston! Take a good look at Brad’s sexy muscular body. Now what more could you ask for? To find out why this hot hunk is considered the world’s most attractive man, check out these Brad Pitt naked pictures.

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A Look Back At Brad Pitt In Troy

April 22nd, 2010 by Brad

Have you seen Troy?  Now that was a sword-and-sandals epic to beat, totally outclassing Clash of the Titans in my opinion.  Of course one of the reasons I like the film so much is that it featured the incomparable Brad Pitt!  Now hot Hollywood hunks are a dime a dozen, but where else can you find a sexy guy like Brad who’s not just about looks, but acting talent as well?  And that’s not even taking into account his family-centered lifestyle with that hussy Angelina Jolie!  But the less said about that the better.  Now one of my favorite scenes from Troy has the sexy Achilles finally bedding down Briseis, the Trojan princess.  And of course the reason we like that scene so much is Brad Pitt’s naked body!  No special effects needed for that hunky piece of manflesh, Brad’s muscular bod is easily the best eyecandy that movie has to offer!

So if you want even more of this luscious hunk, then there’s no better place to check out than this raunchy Brad Pitt site, where they have him in even more naked photos and film scenes, to whet your appetite for the hottest man in America!

Controversial naked pictures of Brad taken by paparazzi

August 4th, 2008 by Brad

Now this is the real deal ladies (and curious guys alike), this is one of the most controversial nude pictures of Brad Pitt ever to be leaked by some paparazzi and it shows a butt-naked Brad relaxing and walking around inside his home and you can just see how damn sexy this Hollywood hunk is and I’m very much sure Brad will be hunting down this individual and sue him big time for getting too nosy and shall we say, catching the actor with his pants down. Even though Brad has announced that he is not going to do any nude or sexy poses anymore for magazines and movies for the sake of his children, sooner of later this type of revealing pictures will be popping up like mushrooms and we will be the first in line to get hold of those hot naked pictures of Brad Pitt and share them all with you.

You’ll get to see more of those explicit images of a naked Brad as we compiled them in one smoking collection that is all yours to see and enjoy once you click on this link and have your tongues rolling down the floor when you visit Brad Pitt Naked for more of the juiciest and hottest pictures of this god-like celebrity.

Hilarious fake nude pics of Brad Pitt

August 4th, 2008 by Brad

Yes it is true that Brad Pitt can be daring sometimes when it comes to showing a little flesh on and off the big screen or magazines elsewhere, but it is funny to know that there are some who just couldn’t satisfy themselves and they wanted Brad to be more than just a sex symbol and now they’re coming out with all sorts of wacky fake nude pictures of him badly done and depicting this Hollywood hunk to be this buffed naked guy with a mighty rod dangling in between his legs. I just wish they could have done a better job in pasting his handsome face on some naked dude’s body and then they could have fooled somebody else in believing that it’s Brad Pitt and his new set of naked pictures leaked out in the open.

We have compiled some of those fake nude pics of Brad and if you just want to have a good laugh or maybe you would want to let your imagination run wild and think of him as the perfect male sex symbol then go and check them out by clicking here and see the entire set of Brad’s fake nude pics only at Brad Pitt Naked.

Brad Pitt’s hot nude magazine pictures

August 4th, 2008 by Brad

Brad Pitt has graced hundreds of magazine covers and the ladies would stop and grab themselves a copy just to look at his pretty face and gorgeous body, and there was even an issue of Playgirl magazine where Brad stripped and posed naked in front of the cameras for the first time and girls and gays alike scampered to get a copy of that elusive issue. Up until recently that he appeared on Vanity Fair magazine and it showed a super sexy Brad Pitt almost naked and very daring with his poses. Sadly Brad had announced that he won’t be doing nude or sexy pictorials anymore for the sake of his kids with Angelina Jolie and now he is chasing everyone around most especially with the paparazzi who have been stalking and taking photos of him during his private moments… and we just have all of those hot nude magazine pictures of the one and only Brad Pitt and it’s yours for the taking!

Sift through our collection of those elusive and steamy pictures of Brad as he shows off his hard body while making every girl scream and cream with nothing but god-like sex appeal flowing from each photo set that is surely a must-have for those who want to see Brad in the flesh. Just head on over to Brad Pitt Naked and enjoy all of his sexy nude pictures that you won’t find anywhere else.